Premium Series          Premium Aluminum-clad Wood Windows and Doors

Nestled in Wisconsin's northwoods for more than a half-century, Weather Shield has always coupled its commitment to innovative and performance-driven products with its unwavering dedication to customer service. Those were our values yesterday. Those are our values today.

As pioneers in the window and door industry, Weather Shield continually listens to the needs of the industry. The result is ongoing research and development of highly innovative, top performing, and beautifully crafted windows and doors.

Modern architecture can be a challenge for ordinary windows. Weather Shield's new Contemporary Collection of window and door products can eliminate the compromises and give you so much more.

This extraordinary collection offers you:

  • The blending of individual style and nature to create the perfect sanctuary.
  • A wide range of standard size capabilities.
  • A large selection of product options to meet your design requirements and expand the imagination.
  • Designed and engineered specifically for high-end, custom homes with expansive views.
  • Narrow profile frames and sash designed for a slim-line appearance and more exposed glass to maximize your viewing space.

Contemporary Collection      Modern Wood Windows and Doors

Superior construction and premium aesthetics make the Signature Series windows and doors one of the most popular and carefree brands in the industry. The butt-jointed exterior cladding provides architecturally pleasing sightlines that will satisfy the most discriminating homeowner. The fusion welded sub-frame acts as a thermal barrier to stop the transfer of heat and cold. Signature Series windows work hard for you and look good while doing it.

Your home is your sanctuary. Your castle. Your entertainment center. Whatever role your home plays, it is unique to your individual preferences. Regardless of what is on your wish list when building or remodeling your home, the Premium Series windows and doors by Weather Shield can fulfill the design requirements of a specific room or the home's overall effect with one of the widest arrays of styles, options, finishes, and sizes on the market today.

And that isn't all. The Premium Series product line blends the perfect mix of old-world craftsmanship with innovative products and processes to build traditional, luxurious looking windows with modern energy efficiencies. So, go ahead. Build your dream home or room. We can handle it and you deserve it.

Signature Series          Aluminum-clad Wood Windows and Doors